The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

The Sun and Her Flowers

the sun and her flowers coverNow here is an anthology that point blank refuses to be put into just one category. ‘The Sun and Her Flowers’ has a similar format to Rupi Kaur’s earlier work Milk and Honey. It begins with trials and heartache but ends with the Blooming of a person. This anthology retains the same controversial, unapologetically¬†feminist outlook, but with a more considered, worldly tone.

Kaur explores her emotions and conflicting feelings regarding her mother, immigration and her own Punjabi origins. I found these sections to be riveting and experienced a greater depth of feeling. However, many of the “finding love” poetry pieces failed to satisfy.

I very much enjoyed her artwork. It is simplistic and often drawn with single unending lines. Both this title and ‘Milk and Honey’ display design aspects in terms of line lengths and the lack of capitalisations.

Rupi confronts topics not widely spoken about, such as perceptions of female pleasure, body hair and broken English. This is what makes her work so startlingly captivating. I connected with her honesty, rather than with pretty words and sophisticated language.

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