Who Runs the Wold – Virginia Bergin

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Who knew a book about women running the world could be so terrifyingly dystopian? In Bergin’s novel, all men have been wiped out due to a disease affecting only those with a Y chromosome. The men still left standing are FARMED. Yes, FARMED for their spunk. This is both a story and a prediction of how women can both improve society and yet also worsen it.
Despite the content verging towards inhumane at times, I enjoyed the relationships between characters. I loved the way River and Mason grew and how they interacted. River also developed so much over the course of this novel, developing in both tolerance and understanding for this new male thing that now existed in her life.
It has some important underlying moral dilemmas as well as a lighter layer that makes it an interesting mix to read. I’d recommend it to older teen and adult readers.
Welcome to the Matriarchy!

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