Black and Green: The Colours of Clean

It’s 2018 and we’ve started the first of a new 12 chapter story. Many people, including myself, use this fresh start to turn over a new leaf and introduce cleaner, healthier foods and drinks into their regular diet. I believe that health should be easy to integrate into every day and am going to be taking you through some of my favourite health-boosting brews.

Green Tea

The green tea most of us are familiar with is Japanese Sencha tea. For me, this comes in a box of 20 tea bags from Tesco. It’s considered somewhat of a superfood, is versatile and has so many benefits for your health.

The polyphenols present in green tea help reduce your risk of cancer and heart problems. Studies also show that it can have positive impacts on working memory and, for all those fond of numbers, it is completely calorie free.

If you are not fond of the flavour of Sencha green tea but still want the health benefits there are plenty of varieties. Among my favourites are these jasmine dragon pearls from Whittard, which is a sweet and fragrant loose leaf green tea from China. I also enjoyed green tea cold in drinks such as Vit Hit Apple and Elderflower green tea. I am especially fond of this description:

“Low-Calorie Elderflower Flavour Apple Juice Drink with Added Vitamins and Sweetener. 19cm high. Good looking. Single, healthy, looking for a bit of fun and ready to party.”



Black Coffee

For everyone who prefers a good cup of coffee to tea, there are plenty of healthy options in this department too. The coffee itself can be very good for you, but it is often offset by the addition of heavy cream and sweeteners.

Three of four cups a day may have health benefits according to the British Medical Journal. These benefits include boosting metabolism and protecting the liver from conditions such as cirrhosis. This is important, more so for those of us who may have overdone it during their new year’s celebration. It is also a great source of vitamins and antioxidants.

It is important that your coffees are sourced locally and roasted freshly, as they do not retain their antioxidants long.

“Take a look at the roast date rather than the best before date on the pack. Some of the blends have a best before date of over a year! Lots of coffees are roasted months ago and will, therefore, have lost much of their intrinsic health benefits of antioxidant protection, which is the reason that coffee is promoted as a healthy drink. Not to mention the fact that they never taste as good! I always tell people; you wouldn’t eat stale bread, so why drink stale coffee?” Alice Rendle – Director of Edgcumbes Coffee Roasters and Tea Blenders

I found this article on the antioxidants in coffee very interesting and informative. The BBC also ran an interesting story on the health benefits of coffee here.

My favourite coffees include this classic roast filter coffee from illy and Kenco Americano coffee pods.

It is well known that there is a downside to drinking coffee. It contains high levels of caffeine which is a stimulant that can cause hyperactivity and hamper sleep. If you are prone to sleeplessness or know that you are not used to drinking large quantities of coffee, please consider decaffeinated options.


I hope you have enjoyed the first post of a new saga. I have wanted to write about beverages for a long time as I believe they go so well with a good book and a comfy chair. Coming up later this month, I’ll be posting a few healthy drinks recipes, experimenting with Pura Panela and trying some fresh loose leaf teas and locally roasted coffees from Edgcumbes.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new section and what you’d like to see in it, so please drop me a line in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Black and Green: The Colours of Clean

  1. I’ve never been able to get into coffee, but around a month ago now I switched normal tea to green tea and I swear it was the best decision I made! It’s so much healthier and tastes so nice (:

    Alys /

  2. I can’t usually get in to tea or coffees but the idea of an apple and elderflower green tea sounds amazing. I had absolutely no idea about all these health benefits either, so interesting to learn about! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Beth x

  3. I love coffee so it is great to know what it has some benefits! I’m not a massive green tea drinker however I many give it a go! What a great, informative post X

    Elise //

  4. I love green tea! I drink it all the time and like the taste. I agree, it has so many awesome health benefits. I love the smell of coffee too but it makes me feel jittery and gives me a headache unfortunately. Great post! Well written! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

  5. I used to be the biggest coffee drinker until I went to a nutritionist and she told me to cut it out completely as it’s an inflammatory food! But she did say to move onto flavoured teas and I’ve really been enjoying them much to my surprise – peach and green tea being one of my absolute favourites 🙂 I do like a good peppermint tea too as it really helps with bloating!
    Alice Xx

  6. Thanks for making the point about freshness being so important! The difference between a stale teabag and a cup of loose leaf green tea, for example, is massive. Just make sure you only brew using water that is about 80 degrees instead of boiling by leave the kettle for a couple of minutes after it has boiled.. It makes the tea so much sweeter to taste. If you don’t have a tea pot or infuser then you can just use the leaves straight into a large cup they will sink to the bottom. However I believe it is a valuable investment to get a decent infuser like the ingenuitea. it’s amazing!

  7. I love this! I’m a big green tea and black coffee drinker. But trying to find the right coffee is always a challenge. Especially as I hate dark roast.
    Also I love the title of this post!

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