New 2018 Sarah Scribble’s Collection! Herding Cats by Sarah Anderson


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Sarah’s first collection ‘Adulthood is a Myth’ really spoke to me in a relatable comedic way. Anderson is not only completely hilarious but also talented at putting all those funny everyday moments onto the page.

Each page is funny and it’s easy to flick through all at once or to take it a page a day. From this foundation, she has proved that people are ever growing and creativity never stops!

In her new collection, I recognised a lot of the comic strips that I’d seen simply from following her as an artist on facebook but still loved them nonetheless. I am truly looking forward to when this new collection comes out in paperback. Apparently, I’m also very behind and Sarah had another collection published this year that until now I had been unaware of, called ‘Big Mushy Happy Lump’.

Something different in Sarah’s new collection is the amount she writes about being a creative person in the 21st century. She has the same slice of life charm and humour to her work but also included a Survival Guide style section on how to create in the screaming hellfire that is the internet. I really connected with this and found it both accurate and hilarious. Her pictures of being a flower amongst the flames are great and her piece on accepting criticism and feedback is completely needed.
My favourite picture of the collection:
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Look out for Herding Cats, due to publish (27/03/18)

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