Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi – HaccaWorks & Nanao (Illustrator)

A confusing first volume to say the least! Lots of characters and settings were introduced in relatively few pages but the story still holds a lot of appeal for me. I’m interested in the different perceptions of humans. Some of the Ayakashi refer to humans as “meals” and I’m worried about hopelessly naïve Yue who seems only genuinely concerned with befriending them! I’ve read some very good … Continue reading Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi – HaccaWorks & Nanao (Illustrator)

Spellslinger – Sebastien De Castell

    Spellslinger was Sebastien De Castell’s riveting toe-dip into the world of YA writing. I love the way that De Castell slowly has Kellen rediscover something he really already knew. Kellen knows that his people aren’t kind, when they beat down those with little magic and make them into slaves, but he sees it only as something he needs to avoid at all costs. HE knows his people aren’t architects, but he never … Continue reading Spellslinger – Sebastien De Castell

Romana’s Freedom – M.P.A. Hanson

Romana’s freedom is THE perfect fantasy novel. Romana starts off life in a desert slave shop, and as the only elf there, catches the eye of love-interest Prince Martin. Romana and Kate, the little sister she never had, set off for the palace where they are to work as servants to the royal family. Prince Martin, has his sights set on her seemingly from the … Continue reading Romana’s Freedom – M.P.A. Hanson