Who Runs the Wold – Virginia Bergin

Who knew a book about women running the world could be so terrifyingly dystopian? In Bergin’s novel, all men have been wiped out due to a disease affecting only those with a Y chromosome. The men still left standing are FARMED. Yes, FARMED for their spunk. This is both a story and a prediction of how women can both improve society and yet also worsen … Continue reading Who Runs the Wold – Virginia Bergin

SEO Tips #4 – Social Media Marketing

Hello and welcome to the 10 part mini-series on SEO (search engine optimisation)! Previously in the series: SEO Tips #1 – Keywords SEO Tips #2 – Responsive Designs SEO Tips #3 – Alternative Text Social Media Marketing SEO and social media marketing (SMM) really go hand in hand. In the world of web crawlers, its all about connectivity. Not only does having links to your site on social media … Continue reading SEO Tips #4 – Social Media Marketing

Black and Green: The Colours of Clean

It’s 2018 and we’ve started the first of a new 12 chapter story. Many people, including myself, use this fresh start to turn over a new leaf and introduce cleaner, healthier foods and drinks into their regular diet. I believe that health should be easy to integrate into every day and am going to be taking you through some of my favourite health-boosting brews. Green … Continue reading Black and Green: The Colours of Clean

Once Upon a Time there were Graphic Novels

Once Upon A Time: Out of the Past by Kalinda Vazquez and Corinna Bechko This was my favourite out of the companion books and graphic novels that I read. Not only are the characters very similar to how they were portrayed in the Netflix series, they were also completely original and not a straight-up retelling. One of the stories in this compendium is of the … Continue reading Once Upon a Time there were Graphic Novels

The Social Media Race – Crowdfire Review and Tailwind Test

Crowdfire Review My experience with Crowdfire was complicated this month by their decision to change their layouts a few days before the end of the month. I completely endorse this decision as the text chat style layout was really not working for me. The previous layout only allowed you to access your social media ‘prescriptions’ at certain times, so if I logged in too early, … Continue reading The Social Media Race – Crowdfire Review and Tailwind Test

Why Wordery is Wonderful in a few Words

Recently, I have been asked why I choose to join Wordery’s affiliate program and put their links on my blog. Here are a few of the reasons that I believe in fairies- I mean Wordery! They have free delivery to over 100 countries so I don’t have to leave my house, Unlike sites like Amazon who do not pay tax on what they sell, Wordery is … Continue reading Why Wordery is Wonderful in a few Words

Ink – Alice Broadway

Alice Broadway’s Ink creates a one of a kind culture. She substitutes the documents, certificates and records that we keep with a range of tattooed images of different meanings. Ever thought about what it would mean to never be able to hide your past? It’s an interesting tale of a girl slowly relearning her father after his death. Leora is caught up in her father’s … Continue reading Ink – Alice Broadway

SEO Tips #3 Alternative Text

Images are flighty things. Having a diverse range of media in your posts will add interest to your articles and also serve to heighten your ranking in search engine results. If you do this correctly. This tip will give you a set of SEO best practices to follow when adding mixed media to your content, including a short tutorial on adding alternative text in WordPress sites. … Continue reading SEO Tips #3 Alternative Text