Hi there!

Created during June 2016, PebblePen is an online hub for creatives, authors, bloggers, booksellers and anyone who can get lost in a good book.

My name is Penny and I work part-time as a digital content creator and market researcher for a social media solutions company. For the other part of my time, I work in additional learning support in a South Yorkshire college.

The topics covered are a reflection of my three greatest comforts in life:

  • Books for escapism
  • Blogging for connection
  • Beverages for warmth

Previously I have worked for Waterstones Booksellers and founded the Hampshire Scribers writing group. I am passionate about engaging with young people interested in reading and writing.

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Want to hire me? I create digital content for your website, book/product promotions and sponsored content. Contact me for more information!


Cat Randle“Penny is conscientious, hard-working and proactive. She has a masterful grasp of the English language and is a quick study. Penny has a solid grasp of what makes a product sell. She has a broad understanding and wide reach into the social world. We have been working together for over 2 and a half years and her speciality has been very profitable for my business.”

Cat Randle Owner of Kereru Media