Zero Waste Shaving : How to use Saftey Razors (and not get cut!)

If, like me, you’ve decided that going zero waste isn’t synonymous with going woolly mammoth, then this is the post for you!

Plastic disposable razors are an unjustifiable waste of resources and are entirely unrecyclable. Each year, over two billion disposable razors are thrown away in the United States. Most of these end up in a landfill.


Safety razors are a really good option for people who are breaking away from a consumer-driven lifestyle but aren’t quite comfortable enough for a straight razor. They have a metal guard in place over the blade which reduces the chance of slicing yourself. Single blade razors have given me a much cleaner shave with none of the irritation caused by the pulling of multiple blades. The shave feels smooth and the razor looks classic. What’s not to love?


They are great for women and men alike and are easy to use. I bought a kit that included a shaving brush and 100 double-edged razor blades as well as the safety razor itself. I also thought it a good idea to buy an alum block, just in case I nicked myself. The kit was high quality and very reasonably priced at £16.99 with free delivery from the Shaving Factory. I also have enough blades to last at least a few years!

I needn’t have worried about nicks, as the Arko shaving soap and the brush make for an excellent, thick lather that protects your skin.


There are mixed reports of the razor blades being recyclable. Check your local council’s guidelines on whether they would accept used razor blades. A lot of sources say that you can store your blades in a makeshift sharps bin until you are ready to recycle.

  1. Make a small slit in the top of a soup can and drain out the soup.
  2. Wash the tin with water.
  3. Post razor blades through the slit.
  4. When full, tape over the slit and put a note on the tin, clearly labelling what is inside. e.g. Sharps Waste: Contains Razor Blades

How do you find wet shaving? Have you ever tried? Let me know in the comments below.

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