My Zero Waste Lunch Kit

Zero Waste: An Overview

If you haven’t heard of the zero waste challenge before, here is a quick segment on what it’s all about. It started in reaction to the campaigns on plastics in our oceans and has inspired many people, including myself, to work to stop this waste entering the oceans and landfill. There are so many different ways to get involved. I’ve started with my work lunches.

I wanted to take each part of my life a step at a time. I believe that simply throwing out plastic before it has finished its use is just nonsensical. It just doesn’t fit with my perception of the goals of the zero waste challenge. Most of my food containers are disposable sandwich baggies so it felt right to start on this first and concentrate on finding more sustainable solutions.

The Zero Waste Lunch Kit

Usually, I take a sandwich to work in a little blue plastic sandwich bag with a bunch of grapes/fruit in another plastic sandwich bag. A few days a week I splurge and get a Jacket potato that comes in a takeout box. This challenge shook me up a bit and made me invest in a stainless steel, stackable tiffin lunch box. You’ll be seeing it stuffed with my recipes in a later post. I decided to do a weeks worth of lunch meals which were a) more exciting than my regular fare, b) healthy and c) could minimise the impact my work lunches have on the planet. This lunchbox is from ECOlunchbox.

I scrolled through Pinterest for hours looking at packed boxes and beautifully composed bento meals to inspire me. I’ll be doing another post with a week’s worth of meals that I’ve come up with. I also purchased a set of bamboo cutlery from Bambaw, which I keep in my bag for work.

The Zero Waste Drinks Kit

One thing I am very conscious about is the number of coffee cups I buy. I bought a snazzy little lime green wonder pot, and it’s much easier to ditch disposable take-out cups. Behold, my pokito:

While the pokito is plastic, it is built to last. It is also widely recyclable for the inevitable day that its natural life comes to an end. I bought the pokito a while back and I finally take it to work every day.

For cold drinks such as water and pop, I am using this bottle from MIU Color, which is made of glass and metal with a silicon jacket for easy grip. It has a maximum temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. While you can put hot drinks such as teas and coffees into it when I tried it I felt very unnatural so decided to stick with my Pokito.

Miu Color Water Bottle

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