Tragic Hulk Comics

Planet Hulk Omnibus by Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan

Hulk isn’t usually my character of choice, however, I was bullied into reading a few of my boyfriend’s favourites. I didn’t regret it. Whereas once I’d assumed hulk was all brawn and no brains (or emotions for that matter), in these comics I was proved wrong. Planet Hulk effectively shows what happiness looks like to the original green giant. When you can literally see someone’s happiness, its impossible not to connect with.

Seeing that happiness taken away is heart-wrenching.

Neither of these comics was light or easy reading for me but both were superb. World War Hulk contains a scene with Dr Strange where Bruce Banner is talking about his happiness and how it hurt him. I don’t want to give any spoilers away but it was phenomenal. It’s also very interesting to see how Hulk matches up to other superheroes and how he plots to take them down, especially those he has lost to in the past.


World War Hulk by Greg Pak and Peter DavidThere was a lot more strategy in Planet Hulk than I was expecting too. The way in which the Hulk had to think to outwit his enemies and claim his happiness was a little hard to follow but interesting. I loved the relationships between the characters and how they have doubts but stay beside hulk. Or at least all except one. The ending and the culprit of the disaster at the end of Planet Hulk was something I did not expect. It was very surprising and I urge you to read these because there are so many spoilers I can’t give away!

You can get the Planet Hulk Omnibus from Wordery Here.

You can get the World War Hulk Omnibus from Wordery Here.


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