Review: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank – Matthew Rosenberg

Completely shocking. This was nothing like what I expected at all. Each chapter starts with a quirky but lighthearted game. You grow to know the characters through these games. You see them as they see themselves, which is much easier to connect with and so unique!

The story follows Paige, whose father has got involved with some unsavoury characters and a plot to rob a local bank. In order to prevent him falling into trouble, Paige gathers a group of her friends and decides to beat him to it.

There is no sense of certainty at any point. You cannot say for certain what will happen until it unravels in front of you. An incredibly well-delivered story that really explored desperation in an unlikely way. The plot spirals and Paige is such a driving force that I doubt Matthew Rosenberg could stop the direction she pulled in.

Paiges friends are also well fleshed out with characteristics that make them different. My favourite is Walter who talks quietly and throws up a lot but has stars in his eyes when he talks about Chemistry and plays every game as a woman. The humour is wry in places but hilarious.

The ending is absolutely phenomenal. The redrawn characters are older but still recognisable, with a notable absence that leaves me in pieces! I loved that there was very little speech and that the actions and the art carry the story across.

The art is such a brilliant representation of the story and flows brilliantly. I love the retro colouring style and the depictions of the kid’s D&D characters. I can’t recommend this enough.

Thank you to Diamond Book Distributors on Netgalley for lending me this title.

Buy it on Wordery Here. You absolutely must! I told my bestie over at This Blog the same thing:

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