Review : Vol 1 Twilight Hotel – Head of the Tale by Ra X and Micheal Aryn

Head of the Tale

Twilight hotel, the final product of a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, is what happens when truly talented people collaborate.

There is an ancient force buried deep beneath an old well on the grounds of the Twilight Hotel, a deity known only as She. Due to this unseen source, unsavoury and morally challenged guests are drawn to the hotel like moths to a flame, and there they come face to face with their demons, often meeting an early demise.

Volume one creates a solid starting point for the series, introducing the Head of the Tale, chainsmoking maintenance supervisor, Virgil Petty, who beheads himself almost immediately after being introduced, under the influence of Her. There is a lot of blood, but no real scare factor in this comic. The introductory volume is more of a satirical and dry-witted reminiscence of the beginnings of the Twilight Hotel than a true horror story. I look forward to seeing the continuation of this story and the introduction of more players. Ra X has created a foundation that I can’t wait to watch develop, and the first volume has filled me with unanswered questions. It is so original that you can’t predict which direction Twilight Hotel will go from here.

The art style for this volume is detailed and perfectly sequenced. Michael Aryn has outdone himself on the details in this volume. Each strand of hair on the beheaded Virgil Petty has been illustrated. His style and the panel compositions are both varied and full of creativity. The art was both grotesque and horrifying in equal measure! Even when the real horror has yet to begin.

Thank you to Darrell E. Smith from Squarebiz Entertainment for sending volume 1.

You can download a pdf of Vol.1 here.

If you also enjoyed it, don’t forget to support the team on their Kickstarter here.

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