SEO Tips #4 – Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

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SEO and social media marketing (SMM) really go hand in hand. In the world of web crawlers, its all about connectivity. Not only does having links to your site on social media increase your connectivity, it also increases the size of your audience. Your posts will make it onto the feed of your followers or subscribers without them actually having signed up to a newsletter or to your site. If any of your target audience are also bloggers or online influencers in their own right, a share from them can put your content in front of millions of people incredibly quickly. Increasing your audience also increases the chance your site may be featured on another website. If the kind person to feature you have added links to your site this vastly improves your SERP standing.

Google released a statement saying that it no longer uses metrics such as follower count to determine site authority on the internet. However, the second most popular search engine, Bing, has said no such thing. This means that with some search engines, the number of followers you have does factor into determining how far up the SERP you rank.

Not only do you have to optimise your website for search engines, you also have to acknowledge how popular social media has become a search tool. If you wanted to find a local tradesperson you might start by searching Facebook for people in your area. There are also reviews posted by other users which are often trusted a lot more than testimonials on a website. This is because testimonials are cherry-picked by the person trying to sell you something, and there are usually no negative reviews posted on a company website.

Social media also arrises in branded searches under your main website. This effectively allows you monopoly of the search results for your brand name. For example, when I type in the brand name “Edgcumbes” into Google the first search result is their website. Their Facebook and Linkedin profiles also appear on the first page. Google also favours its own social media site Google+. This is likely to rank higher in Google searches than in any other search engine.

Keeping your brand logos, profile photos and headers consistent over your social media sites is very important. People will learn to recognise you from them so make sure they are current and the same over every channel.

That’s all for this post. The next SEO tip will be arriving next Monday. It will be on the topic of writing post titles and meta descriptions.


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