The Social Media Race – Crowdfire Review and Tailwind Test

Crowdfire Review

My experience with Crowdfire was complicated this month by their decision to change their layouts a few days before the end of the month. I completely endorse this decision as the text chat style layout was really not working for me.

The previous layout only allowed you to access your social media ‘prescriptions’ at certain times, so if I logged in too early, the only link would be outdated and would not allow me to share anything. This felt quite restricting.

The new layout is much cleaner and allows you to access all features whenever you desire, a feature that was lacking in the oversimplified, step-by-step at certain times.

Crowdfire’s main impact was on my Twitter followers. My following was increased overall by 113, however, there was no difference to any other social media account, including Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn. This was slightly disappointing but expected as Crowdfire specialise in Twitter growth features.

I don’t think I would use many of the features due to them being in some cases completely irrelevant and in some cases not even written in English. It is important to me to like and share only tweets and posts written in the same language as my blog.

The other feature suggested was that I follow 100 followers of similar blogs. This is great in theory as it would connect me to my target audience; however the time it took me to scroll down and follow 100 different people, read their bios and connect with them properly meant that I didn’t complete all of this prescription 9 times out of 10. I think a ‘Follow All’ button would help tremendously.

The only features I see as indispensable are the inactive following and unfollowers features. I think it’s crucial to understand which users are deciding to unfollow you and why that is. I have had more unfollowers over this month than I have ever had while growing Twitter organically, but there was an overall increase. The inactive following shows users that haven’t posted anything in months, allowing you to unfollow them in order to keep a good ratio of followers to following.

Tailwind’s Turn

This month I am starting a trial of Tailwind, which has been advertised to me over Twitter as the ultimate way of using visual social media such as Pinterest and Instagram to grow a following. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “The Social Media Race – Crowdfire Review and Tailwind Test

  1. I must Say, I’m really not a fan of crowdfires new layout, I got so confused when I went on to do everything, I preferred the old way if I’m honest but saying that I do like that everything is accessible now & I don’t have to wait, I suppose it will take some getting used to. I’ve never heard of tailwind before but I may just read up a bit more on it, see what it’s all about. Thank you for Sharing.

    Jordanne ||

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