Why Wordery is Wonderful in a few Words

Recently, I have been asked why I choose to join Wordery’s affiliate program and put their links on my blog. Here are a few of the reasons that I believe in fairies- I mean Wordery!

  • They have free delivery to over 100 countries so I don’t have to leave my house,
  • Unlike sites like Amazon who do not pay tax on what they sell, Wordery is based in the UK and are subject to our UK tax law. This means they fairly contribute to our society.
  • Free bookmarks
  • 5% of sales from those books I enjoyed helps fund PebblePen
  • They use as few materials as possible to package the books. Focusing on using tough and recyclable materials to protect them rather than layer upon layer of plastics.
  • They support small publishers and authors and even give guidance to authors wishing to self-publish!
  • They are charitable and support local primary school Cherrywood Community School. They donate to the NSPCC, National Literacy Trust and to other schools around the globe.
  • Faultless service.
  • Actually, a bit cheaper than high street shops and SHOCK sometimes Amazon.



Click here to go to Wordery!

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