Ink – Alice Broadway

Alice Broadway’s Ink creates a one of a kind culture. She substitutes the documents, certificates and records that we keep with a range of tattooed images of different meanings. Ever thought about what it would mean to never be able to hide your past?

Ink (Skin Books, #1)It’s an interesting tale of a girl slowly relearning her father after his death. Leora is caught up in her father’s story even before his book is read. There are mystery and intrigue surrounding the omitted pages in his book, the missing scrap of skin and the rift in what Leora really knows about the most important man in her life.

The ending of this book is really well done. I have to admit I did see it coming but it didn’t dim the moment for me whatsoever.

Even in ‘Ink’ there are people who don’t wish to disclose everything on their skin but they are widely regarded as untrustworthy because of this. In a way, I believe that this might be a reflection of who we are today. Most people are suspicious of that friend who ‘doesn’t have Facebook’. As though not using social media is abhorrent and not adding someone as a friend or follower is a sin.

Ink truly made me think.

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