SEO Tips #3 Alternative Text

Images are flighty things. Having a diverse range of media in your posts will add interest to your articles and also serve to heighten your ranking in search engine results. If you do this correctly. This tip will give you a set of SEO best practices to follow when adding mixed media to your content, including a short tutorial on adding alternative text in WordPress sites.

In order to rank highly in relevant searches, it is important to use image titles and alternative text. Google’s algorithm also uses image keywords to search your content. If you upload your pictures as image.jpeg (or similar) you waste keywords! Try labelling them with the contents and theme of the post e.g. Book-Haul-Fantasy-Novels.jpeg.

Hint #1 – Ensure you use hyphens rather than underscores when labelling images. Search engines don’t ‘see’ underscores, so your titles are likely to be bunched together in one indecipherable word if you use these.

Tutorial: Adding Alternative Text in WordPress

  1. First, insert the image you want to use into your post using the “Add Media” button in the top left.
  2. Next, click the image as it appears in your post and then select the pencil tool.
  3. A pop-up window should come up with an option to add your own caption as well as alternative text.
  4. In the alternative text field, you can write some relevant, searchable keywords that you think accurately represents your content and what is displayed in the image.

Tutorial Adding Alternative Text to Image in WordPress

Hint #2 – Try to always use appropriate title case capitalization in tags and titles. This means that your alternative text will look smart and presentable if it is shown in search results or on your page should the image fail to load.


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