I love the Wagamama Cookbook

I have now attempted (with quite some success!) two more of the Wagamama recipes from the cook book and wish to add them to my review. Firstly I made the poached cod with shiitake mushrooms. I made little mistake first of all and missed out the butter entirely but remembered before cooking it and stuck some in quickly. It was considerably less photogenic afterwards but … Continue reading I love the Wagamama Cookbook

2017 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge

 I’m taking part in the 2017 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge! Every month, I’m pledging to read a book that related to a theme set by the blog girlxoxo.com. It’s a good way to diversify my reading and get social with other bloggers out there, since my baby blog is a little lonely right now. Here’s the first month’s challenge: JANUARY – Diversify Your ReadingKick the … Continue reading 2017 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge

Three of my Newest Cookbook Reviews

Wagamama Cookbook ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ This cook book is amazing! Great for anyone who enjoys Japanese food or Wagamama’s food from visiting their restaurants. I’ve made a few dishes from this and found that they are fast, easy and well explained. There is a glossary at the front of the book, to explain terms such as menma, which I previously hadn’t known, but … Continue reading Three of my Newest Cookbook Reviews

A HalfBad Series Review

The HalfBad series by Sally Green quickly became one of my favourite series. A not-so-typical coming of age with an unusual take on witches and their gifts, this book rocked my world from beginning to end. To start, Nathan is the spiky little hedgehog main character we all adore. The language is straightforward, to the point and incredibly hard hitting. It’s so easy to believe … Continue reading A HalfBad Series Review